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  Our Services » 2. Visitor Promotion
  Our service is to provide you an effective marketing communication plan that is customized to fit best to your events and exhibitions and to make sure that they will reach out to the target market you seek. We are committed to taking care of all marketing and communication means to help promote your exhibitions/events right from the pre event, to during the event and post event. We will work closely with you to plan for the best marketing communication methods that are tailored to your needs and requirements.  
  2.1 Buyer Invitation
  •  Select the right buyers
•  Prepare the visit
  2.2 Direct Marketing Promotion Services  
  • Online and Social media
 Direct Mailing
 Press Conferences/ Presentation /Seminar /Forum Planning
 E-Direct Mailing
 Publication materials - Leaflet, Brochure
 Roadshow/ Focus group/ Customer visit
  2.3 Mass Marketing Promotion Services
  •  Online and Social media
•  Billboard - Central Business District, Highway, Industrial Park
•  Banner - BTS, MRT
•  Web Banner Link
•  Trade Publications - Magazines, Journals, Newsletters
•  Newspapers
•  Loose Insert
•  Radio
•  TV











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