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  BLI (Biz-Links International) - A major source of information and advice on finding the right events and using them profitably. Call BLI on 022042580 for more information.  
  Decision-makers Prefer Trade Shows  ‘Extremely useful source of purchasing information’:  
   » 91% Trade shows
 » 88% Articles in trade publications
 » 86% Friends or business associates
 » 70% Manufacturers reps
 » 70% Ads in trade publications
  Top marketers in virtually every industry have known it for years. The right exhibition is the only marketing medium that:  
   » brings your most active prospects and customers to you
 » allows you to demonstrate products, answer questions
 » overcome objections and meet your market face-to-face
 » harnesses all five senses to drive home your messages
 » have high-quality direct communications
 » allows you to further virtually all of your marketing goals
Exhibitions are effective for:
   » Personal selling to potential buyers
 » Meeting existing customers
 » Building prospect databases
 » Building relationships with existing customers
 » Educating the market
 » Researching new market trends
 » Generating sales leads
 » Demonstrating products or services
 » Generating media exposure
 » Building brand awareness
 » Launching new products
 » Positioning company as market leader
  These are just a few of the things that exhibitions, and only exhibitions, bring to your marketing efforts in a measurably cost-effective way.  
  Cost-effective marketing : Exhibitions deliver measurable value.  The days of using exhibitions as ‘flag waving exercises’ are long gone. Today’s best marketers expect exhibitions to deliver a significant return on investment - in measurable terms, including cost per lead and cost per sale. Many even track the value of each exhibition over three, six and twelve months (after all, a single new customer can represent huge lifetime value to your company).










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